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No Such Thing as the Boogie Monster, Lyrics by Phillip LoFaso

The sky, it darkens, Bedtime harkens Warm milk and honey, To quiet your tummy 

A nursery rhyme, To help sleepy time and to calm you down,  As night comes around.


So, what my dear Troubles your sweet little head and fills your mind with  Horror and dread?

Nothing under your bed, Or there in your closet, There are no creepy sounds, and nothing to cause it.


There’s no such thing as the boogie man. With giant red eyes and claws for his hands.

He doesn’t have fangs and takes kids as his slave. But just in case…you might wanna behave.

The shadow in the mirror that’s causing you terror, it’s probably nothing.

Though it looks like a bat’s wing, that gentle tapping, that’s preventing you napping.

Outside your window might just be a wind blow.


So, what my dear? Has got you so scared? That your heart is pounding and your nostrils are flared.

The night light is on and I’ll be right next door. Please pay no mind to that old creaky floor…….

There’s no such thing  as the boogie monster Whose seven feet tall and a face full of fur

He can’t smell your fear So no need to be brave but just in case You’d better behave.


Yeah you’d better behave and do as mom asks

Do all your homework your chores and your tasks

Eat all your veggies and keep your room neater

Speak nice to your sister and watch how you treat her.


I mean, I don’t think That the boogie exists

And that if you misbehave You end up on his list

But maybe it’s best  If you heed this warning

Cause I’d hate to find out That you’re gone come the morning.


Good Night Sweetheart!

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