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This album consists of a selection of 12 songs that I wrote, or co-wrote, in 2021.  Eleven these songs are based on prompts from the 21SongsIn2021 challenge (on Facebook) that was spearheaded and managed by Ben Diamond.  The twelfth song--The Belle View Preview-- is an additional track that I enjoyed making.  With the exception of the following, I wrote the songs, sang main vocals, composed and played all of the instruments on this album:

* No Such Thing as The Boogie Monster- Lyrics by Phillip LoFaso

* Dear Scotty - Lyrics by Scott Maness

* Genchi Genbutsu - Lyrics by Ben Diamond, Mike Mills added electric guitar fills.

* I Gave Up, Dear Scotty, and When Da Good Chow Comes Down - Josie Bello Background Vocals

* The Wind and the Sun - John Fraiberg: Acoustic Guitar intro and Outro

* Life's a Tilt-A-Whirl - Josie Bello: Accordion

* The Belle View Preview - Mike Mills: Electric Guitar lead in the Outro

Special thanks to June Cullinane who made a birthday card for me which I turned into my Album Cover!


Digital Downloads (only) Available.

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