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Lyrics: Stores

Deep Feverish Dreams, lyrics by ferengie

Debbie had me but wanted another

He was married and I was a loner

She ---       developed a scheme

Had I only known that about her


Rich-          wanted fame

More than anything other

He could feel it in his bloodstream

Had he only had a  mother


Ernie was a lawyer

A pastry chef  wanna- be

Thoughts filled with whipped cream

But his life a habeas corpus plea


Arnie-     had one arm

Yet another he could see

At night when he closed his eyes

He saw both which set him free


Mary-     was most religious

And prayed to God everyday

When-     she closed her eyes

Her fears turned to doomsday


Scott-    a musician by heart

But a plumber -      by trade

His physical work-    took a toll

And pain filled his -  shoulder blade


Like deep feverish Dreams

They could not escape

Dreams turned to nightmares

Landscapes changed their shape


Deep feverish Dreams

They could not escape

Deep feverish Dreams

They could not escape

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