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Close calls, by ferengie
Frank Bello

Close calls, by ferengie

This song and video was created for the 21SongsIn2023 challenge for the Nostalgia Prompt. I had an an idea for this song but I was not sure it would fit the meaning of the word. Then I looked it up, and it does: "Nostalgia is an intriguing phenomenon. On the one hand, nostalgia can be positive, imbued with a rosy glow of familiarity and belongingness. On the other hand, it can be negative, accompanied by longing, loss, and frustrated desire. Nostalgia often melds both positive and negative experiences." Click on Closed Caption for the lyrics or see below. The Blue Dolphin Saved me one day In Deep Waters, she rescued me She pulled me from the Great South Bay I would have drowned, but now I breathe The Good Doctor saved me that day A simple test and he knew My wife she cried and prayed That I would not die and turn blue Close calls that I have had But I’m not afraid of dying Heaven or Hell can’t be as bad As the madness I’m implying I don’t believe in miracles Or some mystical state But I believe that you give me - the will to live I don’t believe in destiny Or the guiding light of fate Yet it gives me the peace I need to elate And I believe forever That our love is our theology We cannot escape, No We cannot escape The Car Crash almost did me In It happened in a flash so quickly Smashed Glass on Bloody Thick Skin My flesh looked so sickly My belt got caught on the fence As I was chasing that perp A gun he held to my face But it jammed, he was such a jerk Close calls that I have had, But I’m not afraid of dying Heaven or Hell can’t be as bad It's my experience I’m implying
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